Kick start your career in the creative industries

Learn essential skills through the C4 Content Creatives training programme, while gaining practical experience within a creative business. Once you've completed this programme you will be equipped with the skills to take your career to the next level.

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The Programme

Press play on your future

So you're interested in a creative career but don't know where or how to get your start? On this two-part programme, you'll receive professional training from SharpFutures, followed by a placement in West Yorkshire or Manchester with a creative organisation.

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Applications for Content Creatives 2024 are now open

Gain hands-on experience

You'll spend sixteen weeks on a placement at either 4Studio or one of Channel 4's creative organisation partners. Discover the wide variety of exciting placements you could find yourself on.

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Success Stories

Discover your future

Take a look at what former trainees have said about Content Creatives and find out what they learnt during their time on the course.

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Recruitment Process

One step at a time

A recruitment process you can get behind!

An application journey so easy, it's hard to believe you could get such an amazing opportunity off the back of it. Want to know what the steps would be? Find out how the process works.

About the Process

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Applications for Content Creatives 2024 are now open

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